Monday, February 2, 2015


Hello , Today am going to share with you all the making of cold porcelain jewellery. Last week I introduced you to the cold porcelain clay and making miniatures using cold porcelain.  Jewellery making using cold porcelain is very similar and it gives a neat look like polymer clay jewellery. 


 Take a small ball of cold porcelain and add colour to it using oil colours. Cut out the desired template from a cardboard , place it on the rolled clay and cut along the design. 

 Similarly cut small pieces for earrings. Take a small amount of clay and add red colour to it. 

Make a cylinder with the red colour and slice evenly using a knife. Form petal shapes from the sliced pieces. Glue these petals to the black design already cut out. 

Once it is dry decorate the jewellery using pearl chain . 

Hope you liked my tute.... Keep visiting my blog for more cold porcelain crafts.... 

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