Saturday, April 25, 2015


Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog.... Today's post is very special to me as its my 100th post!!! Its been like yesterday since I started blogging. Days are moving very fast!! Thank you friends for patiently reading all my posts and giving your valuable suggestions and comments.
     Today am back again with a clay craft. I was looking for an agarbathi stand here in US but I wasn't able to find a good one. That's when my father suggested me to make one clay. Since I always love making different kinds of clay crafts I was curious to try it out. 

I feel the presence of the lotus flower at the feet of the god looks very beautiful and gives the feeling of "fulfillment". So I wanted to create the same feel for my puja room by making a clay lotus agarbathi stand.


1. Air dry clay
2. Carving tools
3. Circular lid
4. Strong glue
5. Acrylic paints
6. Varnish


I have used crayola air dry  clay of terracotta colour ( not terracotta clay).
Take a small amount of clay and flatten it by using a cylindrical object. Using a circular lid cut it into a round shape. This is the base of the stand, so make sure its thick enough to hold the lotus flower.

Make a small round at the center. Using carving tools draw sector lines as shown in the picture 6. Then using V shaped carving tool cut off the edges . Join the two edges with the fingers ( pic 8).

Make small sized balls and glue them to the pointed edges. The base is ready. Now for the petals make six medium sized balls. Roll the balls into petal shape.

Flatten them and stick to the base as shown. Now for the center bud take a medium size ball and roll it into a petal shape and glue it to the base.

Make small holes in the bud using the back of agarbathi sticks. Allow it to dry completely and paint them using acrylics. Finally add a coat of varnish .

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Monday, April 20, 2015


Hello Friends, Today am sharing with you a paper handbag which I made for the CSCC DT inspiration post. This month's theme is anything goes with paper crafts. You can check out my post here at CSCC blog. 

Materials needed:

1. Card stock ( 5 nos  of the size 12*12 and 5 of the size 9*9)
2. Pattern paper
3. scissors
4. Glue
5. Embellishments of your choice
6. Velcro or magnet for opening and closing of the bag

This bag measures 9"*7" . I have used Recollections scrap card stock and Recollections embossed paper for this project.

Steps for making:

For the handle I cut out a black card stock measuring 17"*3/4". I embellished the handbag using border punches and pearls. The roses are made using cold porcelain.  I attached a piece of Velcro at the opening of the bag. Decorated the handle using a rhinestone chain.

This is how the bags looks like when it is opened This folder bag can be used for storing tags, gift cards, visiting cards, travel brochures etc.

I got the idea and inspiration for this project from the blog pion design. 

Hope you liked my tutorial!! enjoy making this beautiful bag and gift your loved ones...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hello Friends, welcome back to my blog!! Imagine how nice it would be to sit on a park bench on a sunny day, enjoying the breeze, listening to the chirping of birds and seeing the trees in full bloom as well as reading your favorite novel with a cup of coffee..... Wow it sounds heavenly right? Well that is the theme of today's project - "Spring into reading". 

 Myself and my husband love reading novels. But since he is busy with his office work he is not getting enough time to read. As they say Spring is the best time to start  something afresh and particularly reading am giving him this gift of stacked books with reading lamp which will motivate him to read more.

How I made them:
Stacked books:
I had a few soap box cartons lying in my stash for a long time . When I saw the idea of recycling soap box cartons into stacked books in the blog tofa I felt it is a wonderful idea and thought of doing the same. With my friend Rupa's  ( of tofa blog) permission I transformed the soap cartons into stacked books. Thank you for permitting me to use your idea Rupa. Visit her blog to see her amazing recycled projects... She is rightly called the queen of recycling in the blog land. 

         The soap boxes are sandwiched between cardboard sheets and covered using DCWV once upon a time pattern paper. At the side of the stacked books I wanted to create a spring garden so adhered some handmade flowers and hand cut leaves.

For the front panel I have used a border punch and handmade daisies. I made the coffee mug using the DCWV pattern paper . The sentiment on the tag is a print out.... 

On the other side you can see I have made drawers for storing some light weight stationary stuffs. 
The coffee mug can be used as a pen stand. 

Night lamp:
For the lamp shade I have used pattern paper lying on my stash. The base of the lamp is made up of empty ribbon spool. I have used an empty tissue roll to connect the lamp shade and the base. Decorated the lamp using spiral roses and black ribbon. The butterfly is printed from the internet. 

The nest:
The nest is made by recycling brown color paper bags. The eggs and the bird are made up of air dry clay and colored using acrylics. 

Mounted the whole thing on a cardboard sheet. The fence is made using card stock and the welcome sentiment at the gate is stamped using distress inks. 
Inside the drawers there are scrolled handwritten messages. 

Hmmm that's the end of the big post.... Thanks for reading it patiently. This post is dedicated to all the book lovers.

. Hope you all liked my post... Do write your comments/suggestions ....

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Beyond grey challenge - " Spring green with spring elements" - I have created a garden using elements such as nest, eggs, birds, green grass, leaves and flowers. The pattern paper on the stacked books is vintage green colour.
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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Hello Friends, Hope you all are doing great!! I enjoyed my one month vacation with friends and relatives at India after two years. And am back feeling refreshed and recharged to continue my craft journey. 

Today am posting a cold porcelain mural of the theme " Divine love". This painting was inspired from the murals, found in  dolls of India website. 

The base of the mural is a small wooden board which I got as a free sample from home depot. I drew the radhe krishna on a piece of cardstock and glued it to the wooden board. Then I pasted the cold porcelain clay upon the design. Allowed it to dry to for 48 hours and then painted the mural using acrylics. Finally applied a coat of varnish to get the shine. 

Hope you all will like it. See you soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Here is the link to the tutorial on making cold porcelain murals:
Cold porcelain mural tutorial

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Hello friends, today am sharing with you all a romantic quilled  card of CAS style.  Hope you all will like it.

This week's casology challenge theme is "hot". Since this is the month of love decided to incorporate both the themes in my card. 

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Hello friends, today am posting a cold porcelain mural with the theme "Lord Ganesha playing musical instruments" . This is my first attempt in making a cod porcelain mural. Hope you all will like it. 


I had some wooden piece samples at home. So decided to use their backside as the base for the mural

Paste the cold porcelain to the design using strong glue. Cold porcelain does'nt have adhesive nature.

After drying I painted the mural using acrylic colours and two coats of varnish. 
Some close up shots:

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Monday, February 2, 2015


Hello , Today am going to share with you all the making of cold porcelain jewellery. Last week I introduced you to the cold porcelain clay and making miniatures using cold porcelain.  Jewellery making using cold porcelain is very similar and it gives a neat look like polymer clay jewellery. 


 Take a small ball of cold porcelain and add colour to it using oil colours. Cut out the desired template from a cardboard , place it on the rolled clay and cut along the design. 

 Similarly cut small pieces for earrings. Take a small amount of clay and add red colour to it. 

Make a cylinder with the red colour and slice evenly using a knife. Form petal shapes from the sliced pieces. Glue these petals to the black design already cut out. 

Once it is dry decorate the jewellery using pearl chain . 

Hope you liked my tute.... Keep visiting my blog for more cold porcelain crafts.... 

Monday, January 26, 2015


Hello friends, Today am going to give you an introduction about cold porcelain crafts. Actually I was looking for a substitute to polymer clay as I was little hesitant about baking. While I was searching for the various types of clay that can be used for making clay murals came across this wonderful world of cold porcelain crafts and hence sharing with you all today. ( picture heavy post!!!!)

Difference between polymer clay and cold porcelain clay:

  1. Unlike polymer clay ,cold porcelain doesn't need an oven to bake. It air dries hard. 
  2. We can add paint while kneading and make different colours of clay or paint after finishing the work. 
  3. Very soft , so easy to knead and it doesn't crack.
  4. Upon drying it gives a matte finish and has little glaze. 
  5. Cold porcelain tends to shrink a little from original after drying. 
  6. This clay can be used by kids  ( if the glue used is non-toxic)
  7. And most important thing IT CAN BE MADE AT HOME WITH LESS COST
Materials needed:
1 cup corn starch powder
1 cup white glue
2 tbsp vinegar or lemon juice
2 tbsp of cooking oil 
Mix all the ingredients such that no lumps are formed. Then microwave it for 15 sec for about 7 -8 intervals. You can also mix it in tava and heat in gas. After each interval take the mixture out and stir well. After 7 or 8 intervals the mixture becomes solid  and it wont stick to the vessel. At this point take it out and knead it well by applying lotion in hands for about 10 min. Then wrap it in a polythene cover and refrigerate it in an air tight container for 24 hours.   I have attached the link of the video tutorial at the end of this post which I followed. 

Today we will be seeing how to use this cold porcelain clay to make miniatures.  I have made a choco-vanilla cake .

After making the cold porcelain we can add colour to the clay using acrylics or oil. 
Take a small ball of the CP ( cold porcelain clay) and add the desired colours to it. Knead well till the colours get  uniformly mixed in the clay. Make small balls and lay them flat as shown in pic4.

Place alternating colours of clay one over the other . Make a strip out of light brown clay and cover the seal the sides of the cake with it.

Roll the white clay into a long thread and twist two threads to make the icing on the top.

Cut a sector in the cake using a knife.

Allow it to dry for 24 hours. Once it is dried touch up with acrylic paints wherever necessary to get a realistic look of the cake.

Some tips to work with cold porcelain:
1. Do not over cook or bake cold porcelain such that they become hard. There will be cracks after finishing the piece.
2. If the clay is still moist and wet after 24 hours add little corn starch powder and knead well.
3. Store them in an air tight container or zip lock covers.
4. Cold porcelain takes 24-48 hours to dry completely and become hard. Drying time is higher than normal air dry clay.
5. It dries very hard almost unbreakable ( unless you drop it heavy )
6. It can be stored for  three months.

Some useful links:
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Hope you liked my tute... Keep visiting my blog for more cold porcelain craft ideas.... 

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