Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog!! Today am sharing a mixed media canvas layout with you all. 

Winter has dawned in US and there is snowfall in many states though we don't get any here in California. Every year during the Christmas week my husband gets a week off in his office . So we visit some nearby hill stations to see the snow and play with them. The tall snow covered Christmas trees and the breathtaking snow clad peaks reminds me of my friends words. When we were in college she used to tell me that we at least once in lifetime we should celebrate Christmas in the snow. When I visit places like these I feel like am living her dream and how nice it would be if she was with me then.With these memories flashing in my mind I created a mixed media canvas layout with the theme " Let it snow". 

I adhered strips of white paper to my canvas and gave a coat of gesso. Then created random textures using different stencils and texture paste. Once its dried I sprayed the color shine turquoise blue and dabbed dark blue acrylic paints. I found it to be very dark so gave a thick coat of gesso to tone it down. 

Then glued the image ( print out) which is matted on a white card stock and added all the embellishments. The flowers are handmade using recollections punches. The bird and the tiny rose flowers are made using playdoh.  I used white glitter foam sheets for the leaves. I made small white dots to give the canvas a snowfall effect. The sentiment is handwritten. 

Hope you all liked my layout... Happy thanksgiving to all of you!!

Submitting this to the following challenges:

1.Country view challenges - " Color blue"
2.City crafter challenge blog - " The snow queen" - I was inspired by the colors and the snow
3.The craft place challenge blog - "Anything goes Mixed media"
4.We love to create challenge blog - " Anything inky/creative"
5. Crafty catz challenge blog - " Shades of blue"
6.Alphabet challenge blog - "Tis the season" - I have created a mixed media layout based on the snowy Christmas theme.
7.The mirror crack'd challenge blog - " Water" - I have created this layout based on the theme " Let it snow"

Friday, November 13, 2015


Hello friends welcome back to my blog!! As you have seen I have been posting some of the crafts and decorations which I made for the festival of lights. Today am sharing with you all a unique rangoli created using clay. 

I decided to make decorations and crafts with whatever is available to me here. Festivals are never complete with out the colorful Rangoli.  Since I don't have access to rangoli powders nor  a large area I was thinking of some creative way to make this Rangoli. That's when the idea of making rangoli using clay struck me. I had some playdoh left over after using it for Navarathri. So used them to create this  Rangoli.  For the base of the rangoli I cut a round from a piece of cardboard. I drew the design roughly using a pencil and the started to fill the design using playdoh. The diyas are also made using playdoh.

I also made two peacock diya stand inspired by this video : I cut the base from a packaging cardboard and painted the design using acrylics. 

Hope you all enjoyed the festival... See you soon with another post on Diwali decoration ..  Happy crafting!!

Friday, November 6, 2015


Hello friends, Welcome back to my blog!! Today am sharing with you all a T light holder made by recycling an old CD and using pistachio shells.

Materials needed:

1. Old cd
2. Pistachio shells
3. Acrylic paints
4. Hot glue gun
5. T light
6. Rhinestones , Pearls and glitter foam sheet for decoration
7. Empty tape roll


Join the empty tape roll and T light using glitter foam sheet. Take the cd and start attaching the pistachio shells using hot glue gun. Leave some space at the center to place the light. 

Paint the pista shells using acrylic colors. You can add a coat of varnish after it dries to get the glossy look . Finally decorate the holder using rhinestones and pearls.

See you soon with my next post... Keep visiting my blog... 

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog!! Its five days more for Diwali and I hope you all are doing preparations in full swing to welcome the festival of lights. Seeing all the lovely Diwali crafts by some of the very talented crafters I couldn't resist myself from doing one. I saw these colorful diya stands over the internet and liked the way the lamps are arranged like a step. So made these two diya stands using packaging cardboard and glitter foam sheet.

This diya stand can be gifted to our friends for Diwali and also it can be used as a home decor. They are not only easy to make but are cost effective.

Materials Needed:

1. Packaging cardboard
2. Craft knife
3. Acrylic paints and brushes
4. Decoration items ( Here I have used glitter foam sheets, golden color lace, sequins and stones)

Draw the design you want on a piece of cardstock and cut it out.

Trace this design onto the cardboard and cut it using craft knife.

Cut a base for the design. Make circular openings in the size of the lamp. I have cut it in the size of the T light.

Cut semi circular cardboard pieces such that they fit inside the openings.

Paint the whole design and decorate them of your choice. Using hot glue gun glue all the pieces together.

Since this is a packaging cardboard it cannot withstand heavy weight so do not place earthern lamps on the openings.

Hope you all liked my craft... See you soon.. Keep visiting my blog...

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Hello Friends, Exactly on the same date TWO years back , I started this blog. Its been an amazing two year journey in which I have learnt a lot from my fellow crafter's and the challenges I participated. I thank all my blogger friends and readers for their support and encouragement given to my blog. Keep visiting my blog and do provide your comments/ feedback. 

Now moving onto today's post. Today I am sharing with you all the tutorial of making Peruvian thread earrings. I have made a post on these earrings last year ( see that post here).That was my first attempt and I was not satisfied with the result. I found the making of the coil to be extremely difficult as the wire which I had was little thick so I didn't continue making them. Last month when I had been for shopping I accidentally bought a thin floral wire instead of a thick one for flower making. Since the golden floral wire I bought was easily pliable and flexible I decided to try making thread earrings. 

I followed the tutorial of Ikologee but modified it a little according to the supplies I had.

Materials Needed :

1. Thick floral wire ( 22 gauge)
2. Thin floral wire ( 26 gauge )
3. Embroidery or silk thread
4. Cutter and plier
5. white glue

Silver wire - Thick gauge wire
Golden wire - Thin wire used for making coil

Procedure: VERSION 1: Making coil

Cut two thick wires of equal length. Take the thinner wire and start winding it around the thick wire.
The windings must be equidistant and close to each other. This is the most crucial step. If you didn't get it properly the first time try it as many times till you get a neat coil.

Wrap it around a circular object to remove any bend in the coil. Then join both the ends of the coil together and twist the wire tightly to form a tear drop shape. Take a single stand of embroidery thread and make a knot at the twisted portion. Start reeling the thread starting from the center of the tear drop. 

Continue to reel up the thread in the direction shown till it passes through every winding of the coil. Once finished make a knot at the top and trim the excess thread.

Similarly take a different color thread and start reeling it from the right side.

Make a small coil using the backside of a paint brush. Apply glue at the twisted ends and knots and slide the coil as shown. Make a loop at the top with the thick wire.

VERSION 2: Using small beads

Those who do not want to wind coils but still wanted to make thread earrings can use small beads and gear locks instead of thin wire.

Cut a piece of thick wire and add a gear lock at its one end. Add the beads one by one and add another gear lock at the other end.  Twist the ends of the wire together.

Start reeling the thread in between the beads and finally glue a small coil at the top.


1. In the first step while cutting thick wires make sure they are of equal lengths. Leave some space about 2 cm long and then start winding the thin wire. Similarly leave some space after winding the coil maybe 5 cm. The length of the winding in both the wires should be the same to get two similar shaped earrings.
2. It is better to wear rubber gloves while winding the coil as the sharp ends of the floral wire might hurt your fingers.
3. While trimming the excess wire be very careful to avoid sharp ends. 
4. Start reeling the thread exactly from the center point of the earring then only all the winding will be covered. If you start from some other point you will be passing some winding without reeling.  

Hope you all liked my tutorial. Keep vising my blog... Happy crafting...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Hello friends , its been quite a long time since I posted . I was little busy keeping Navarathri kolu and inviting friends to my home. Right from my childhood I loved arranging the dolls, decorating the house , inviting guests and singing songs for Navarathri. Its indeed my most favorite festival. When I came to US after marriage I didn't want to break our family tradition of keeping kolu. So made a few quilled dolls and arranged it as Kolu. Two years have passed and now I have enough handmade dolls( thanks to the craft challenges) to fill three big steps. So this year we decided to invite non-Indian ( foreigners) friends to join us in our celebration. Below is the e-invite which I created for inviting the guests.

My regular readers would be familiar with  the dolls kept in the Kolu as they are all posted in my blog previously.

In South India the kolu has evolved itself and people celebrate it by arranging the dolls based on a specific theme. Well what is the theme of this Kolu?? Maybe we can say Altered art / recycle craft as most of the projects you see here are recycled. 
Now let us take a closer look at the individual steps. 


      I used one medium sized box measuring 18" (height ) * 18 (breadth) * 16 (length)  and one large sized moving box measuring 18" (h) *18 (b) * 24 (l). I wanted the steps height to be at a difference of 6". The bottom step measures 6" , the middle measures 12" and the top most step measures 18" in height. 
Since the height of the medium box is 18" I cut it into two  pieces - One with 6" (h)*18(b)*16(l) forming the bottom most step and the other with 12"(h)*18(b)*16(l) forming the middle step
I kept the large box as such but trimmed the edges to get the length of 16". 


In the first step I have kept Mandap , clay Ganesha with lotus asana, Altered jar and paper roses.

1. Mandap:

   My father and me made this mandap last year. For the base we used old laptop box . The pillars are made by stacking  empty tissue paper rolls. The roof is made using packaging cardboards. The mandap is covered with golden and red color paper and decorated with golden glitter lace and small bells. Inside the Mandap Ihave kept the idols of God.

Things Altered: Empty Laptop box,Tissue paper rolls & packaging cardboard 

At the top of the Mandap you can see the Ganapathy with instruments mural work.
Tutorial for Ganesha with Instruments

2. Clay Ganesha with lotus Asana:

At the center below the Mandap is the clay Ganesha in lotus Asana.. Click the link below for the tutorial. You can use this Asana to keep the idols of Lord Durga or Lakshmi.

Material Altered: Candle jar , cardboard sheet for the backdrop
Tutorial of Lord Ganesha with Lotus asana

3. Fall themed altered jar:

You can alter an empty jar to demonstrate a theme. Here I have demonstrated a fall theme by decorating empty ghee jar.

Things Altered: Ghee bottle
Tutorial of Altered Jar 
4. Paper rose bouquet:

Materials Altered: Ghee jar , paper
Tutorial of paper rose bouquet

5. Clay teddy bear:
On both sides of the Clay ganesha I have placed two cute teddy bears made using playdoh.


6. Violin Shaped card:

Materials Altered: Packaging Cardboard
Violin shaped card tutorial

7. Spring Garden:

Instead of a normal garden create this Spring garden using books, bird nest and lamp.
Things Altered: Soap cartons, empty ribbon roll, Packaging cardboard
Tutorial of Spring garden

8. Bird house:

Things Altered: Empty tissue rolls , Cardboard
Tutorial of DIY bird house

9. Girl playing piano:

This piano card is not an altered project. It is created using black cardstock.
Tutorial of Grand Piano 

10. Tulip Garden:

Made this tulip garden with playdoh, tooth pick and Styrofoam sheet .

11. Bicycle carrying flowers:

Things Altered: Tissue paper rolls , Tissue paper
Bicycle carrying flowers Tutorial


In this step I have displayed some of my mural and mixed media works .

12. Beach Mural:

Have lot of sea shells collected at the beach?? Create a beach layout and stick the sea shells to it.

Things Altered: Altered card board sheets
Beach Days

13. Kalash clay mural:

Things Altered: Card board
Tutorial of Kalash clay mural

14. Beach Days:

Things Altered : Plastic plate
Beach Mural tutorial

15. Thulasi Maadam:

Things Altered: Perfume Carton
Thulasi Maadam tutorial

16. Christmas sleigh:

Things Altered: Cereal box , soap carton
Christmas Sleigh Tutorial

17. Chettiar dolls:

I made these dolls last year for Navarathri using terracotta clay.
Chettiar dolls

18.Fruit tray:

Things Altered: Peeled garlic tray
The fruits are made using air dry clay.

19. Cake factory:

These cakes are made using playdoh and cold porcelain.

20. Natural cooking set:

I made this natural cooking set using playdoh.

Usually in India all my relatives and neighbors celebrate Navarathri by keeping Kolu. So there is nothing new to explain them. This year kolu was very special to me as I was very happy to explain about our festivals and traditions to foreigners. They were very eager to know everything about Navarathri and greatly appreciated our rich Heritage. So this is my most memorable Navarathri kolu.