"Kriya-tive Kaleidoscope" blog is dedicated towards providing you with Painting and Crafts Tutorials, helping you to think creatively while simultaneously making you enjoy the process of arts and crafts!

The word Kaleidoscope also means "An observer of different forms". Then what is kaleidoscopic mind? It refers to the type of mind which is innovative, balanced, cheerful, confident and being able to perceive everything from a multitude of perspectives which rigid minds tend to miss. 'Kriya shakthi' in Sanskrit means "The Power of Creativity". Increasing our ability to think creatively is the first step towards developing such a kaleidoscopic mindset. This blog attempts to develop your kaleidoscopic thinking ability through Crafts and Paintings.

Arts and Crafts is a hobby which will create long lasting memories, will make you feel relaxed. Hopefully some of the ideas in this blog will inspire you to begin crafting.

There is a famous saying by Henry David Thorean: "This world is but a canvas to our imagination". I hope this blog is a canvas to showcase my imagination. 

                                                    HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!


Hi my name is Ramya. I am a cheerful person interested in learning something new everyday and finding happiness in little things i do. My hobbies are painting , crafting and playing piano. Welcome to my world of crafting. See you again...

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