Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Hello friends, Welcome to my blog!! Today I am sharing something different from my usual posts. My first attempt in designing a T shirt with the  art supplies theme for entering into the arty-outfit competition hosted by draw with Jazza.

I designed two T shirts incorporating the art supplies theme. As I was browsing for some T shirt design ideas I came upon this word art He"art". I decided to use this concept and drew a rough design on a paper. Then I scanned the image and using vector art created an svg file using inkscape. Inkscape is an open source software which is very useful for vector drawing.

The second T shirt is inspired by a tattoo design found in pinterest. I am always a big fan of zentangle art. So modified the tattoo design a little and created a zentangle themed T shirt. For this initially I drew it on a paper using sharpie and then scanned the image and tweaked the edges using inkscape pen tool.

Hope you all like my designs. Thanks for stopping by my blog . See you soon.

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