Saturday, September 24, 2016


Hello Friends , Welcome back to my blog!! I am sharing with you all a pen and pencil sketch of the same landscape " Kirkwall Harbour basin - Scotland." The inspiration for this sketch is from the book  - " Beautiful landscapes " by Diane Wright of drawing made easy series. 
    This is the first book which I had shopped when I was in US. Though I had used it for learning the basics I didn't try sketching an entire landscape. I bought this book along while coming from US and started sketching the outline of this landscape to recover from jet lag. 
    Later that week I had to go the lab for routine tests. Since it will take 3 hours  for the tests to complete took the sketch book and pencils with me and started shading . Many people who passed by stood there for sometime seeing me sketch. Though initially it was embarrassing slowly started enjoying the company of people around me. By the time I was out of the lab I was done with this sketch. 

After seeing the video tutorial of Devin Viele  I got interested in sketching using ball point pen so was searching for some reference images to start with . I spotted a sketch similar to the above so thought of sketching the same using ball point pen. This is my debut attempt in ball point sketch, I used Rorito 0.7mm ball point pen. 

Hope you all liked the sketches. Your feedback/ suggestions are welcome. Do tell me which one you like better. See you soon with another post. Have a crafty weekend. 

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  1. Super cool Ramya..You managed to sketch. You are so talented dear


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