Thursday, December 24, 2015


Hello Friends, Welcome back to my blog!! Today am sharing with you all a Christmas wreath made using craft foam sheet. I also have a step by step pictorial for the same.

Materials needed:

1. Foam sheet
2. Scissors
3. Artificial leaves or grass
4. Golden balls
5. Christmas ornaments
6. Glitter ribbon and twine
6. Merry Christmas chipboard
7. Hot glue gun

Cut a circular piece from green foam sheet. Draw another circle inside the cut sheet using compass. Fold it into half and cut along the line drawn. The base of the wreath is ready. I got these plastic leaves  strip from dollar store .

Start gluing the leaves to the base using hot glue gun. Stick as many layers you want to till you are satisfied with the result.

 Draw and cut the template of poinsettia flower on a cardboard. Here I have cut three sized flowers. Using the template on the red foam sheet draw using a toothpick  To shape the flowers expose it to candle flame. Be careful as the flowers may become black. Exposing it to flame makes the flower soft and easier to shape. Glue the flowers together and stick a golden bead at the center.

Attach the flowers to the base of the wreath and start decorating them. I made a bow out of pink ribbon and attached a bell to it. The merry Christmas sentiment and pink Christmas ornaments are store bought.  Finally glued a twine at the top and my wreath is ready to decorate the front door.

This wreath is very simple and easy to make. Its very cost effective too. Hope you all liked this project. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!!


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