Friday, June 19, 2015


Hello Friends, Welcome back!! Summer has spread its hot wings here in California , so to chill out we went to the beach last week. I have the habit of collecting sea shells so that I can use it in my craft projects. This time to my surprise I found some cute tear drop shaped shells. I love tear drop earrings so searched for the shells that are similar. Though I couldn't find the exact match there were few shells that are quite similar. So more than playing in the water I spent time collecting sea shells and was dreaming about the jewellery that I will make with them ( lol). Here is the jewellery which I made ... 

I took extreme care that they should not break during our travel. After reaching home I washed it with mild soap water and wiped using a towel. The next step was to paint. I chose silver pearl paint as I don't have much of silver coloured earrings.

After 2 coats of pearl paint to get the gloss gave a coat of varnish. I don't want to drill holes on the shells as am afraid it will break. So this is how ( below pic) I attached the eye pins to the shells. I used air dry clay and tacky glue. 

I loved the earrings very much so made a  matching chain with that!!

Now I have a sea shell jewellery set!!

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This is the inspiration picture... I was inspired by the sea shells...


  1. Love what you did with the mussel shells, at first I thought they were made from silver clay. I hope you have a lot of fun wearing them xx

  2. Beautiful beautiful pieces, Just lovely.

  3. Very creative way to turn shells into earring without drilling them. Lovely set.

  4. Naturally Beautiful! I agree very creative way to use the shells with out drilling them.

  5. Beautiful design! I like the way you attached the wire to the shells -- very clever.

  6. Very pretty designs! I like how you colored the shells and showed your creative process for attaching the eye pins.

  7. Very nice. I didn't think shells would take that well to paint. Learned something new. Great job!

  8. I was so amazed that you found such pearly, perfect shells on the beach... lol. Love what you accomplished with paint, clay, and some ingenuity!

  9. The shape of those mussel shells is really great! I think that you are very clever to use some air dry clay to make a backing to these. It makes them look more mysterious because they are just levitating there! The silver paint is really eye catching. Thanks for playing along with me! Check back on July 3rd for the next We're All Ears challenge on Earrings Everyday. Enjoy the day! Erin


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