Monday, June 22, 2015


Hello Friends, Welcome back to my blog!! Today's post is very special and nostalgic to me. It's been a long time since I played keyboard. As my in laws are here they insisted me to play and show them. When I started to play old memories queued my mind one by one. So that's the birth story  of this post.

 I remembered the first time when I played keyboard. It was a gift from my dad for my 10th birthday. He himself an admirer of music had very good collection of music albums with him. That helped me to learn new ragas and songs apart from what the teacher taught me. My dad was instrumental in shaping up my hobbies and motivated me to try something new always. Still he reads each and every post of mine and gives suggestions and ideas.

The second great person associated with this piano is my grandfather. He was my first audience and critic. He would be with me throughout my piano class and will make sure that I learn and practice the song properly. He would listen patiently to all my stories and will make me laugh by telling jokes. If he was there today I would tell him lot of stories.

As I reached my  12th standard my studies took precedence over my hobbies and over the years somehow lost interest towards the piano. It was my cousin brother who rekindled my  passion and inspired me to play by sending his recordings.We both used to play piano together during our vacation. He taught me to combine music and technology . With his help I did my first ever  recording with beats using a software. Whenever I have a problem he will always be there for me. So I would like to thank these 3 great men of my life and dedicate this post to them.

Here is the pictorial:

Materials needed:

1. Black cardstock  12*12 " ( 2 nos)
2. Vintage music notations pattern paper
3. Piano keys print out
4. Hot glue gun
5. Scissor, ruler
6. Flower embellishments

The basic template:

Take an A4 sheet and draw the design shown above. Cut this design and place it on a 12*12 card stock.

The cardstock should be double the size of the paper template which we had cut above. Mine is 6.5". So I  took a 12*12 cardstock. Trace the design onto the card stock. Flip the template to the other side and trace it.  Then cut this design. This will form the upper part of the piano .

Cut another card stock as that of the design template for the bottom portion.  To cover the sides of the piano measure the length of the side.  For me it was 6.3" or 16 cm. To measure the length of the curve, take a thread and mark the starting point with an ink. Run this thread through the curve. At the end point make another dot with the marker ( the marked points indicated using arrows in the picture). 
 Now  Stretch the thread and measure the length. This gives the length of the curve.  For covering the sides cut a strip of black card stock with the length we measured and with the breadth of 3cm. From the top and bottom measure 1 cm and make a crease. Paste one creased line on the top portion and the other line on the bottom portion of the piano.

 For covering the curved portion of the piano cut a strip of cardstock with the length we measured and with the breadth 3 cm. From the top and bottom mark 1 cm and make a crease. Cut slits as shown in the picture and glue it to the top and bottom portions of the piano. The slits make it easy to fit into the curve. 

Measure the lower edge down the piano. Cut a cardstock with the length measured and breadth 2 cm. For the inside stick and 3 legs I used 4.5cm by 9cm piece of cardstock. I rolled and glued them to the piano using hot glue gun.

Stick the vintage paper inside and paste the keys as shown. Decorate the upper portion using flowers and other embellishments. The flowers used here are all handmade by me. 

For the piano chair I stacked 4 pieces of cardboard together. The design on the chair is hand drawn. The legs of the chair measures 2 cm by 8 cm. I placed a quilled doll on top of the chair . Hope you all liked this post. Please leave your valuable comments/ feedback. 


  1. Fantastic Ramya...always love your creations
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  2. Super cute! Love the design and layout! Great for Fathers Day! Thanks for joining us at 4 Crafty Chicks this week.
    Tina - DT

  3. Wonderful post !! Loved reading every word of it ! Beautiful card n the memories you have shared make it even more special :) Thanks for the tut...

  4. super and nice to see piano post. i still remember your old key borad master who started board fingering. oh great personalities
    willl be the best motivation in our day to day life.

  5. Beautiful!
    Thank you for playing along at BGC!

  6. Beautiful! So perfect!
    Thank you for playing along at BGC!


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