Saturday, April 25, 2015


Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog.... Today's post is very special to me as its my 100th post!!! Its been like yesterday since I started blogging. Days are moving very fast!! Thank you friends for patiently reading all my posts and giving your valuable suggestions and comments.
     Today am back again with a clay craft. I was looking for an agarbathi stand here in US but I wasn't able to find a good one. That's when my father suggested me to make one clay. Since I always love making different kinds of clay crafts I was curious to try it out. 

I feel the presence of the lotus flower at the feet of the god looks very beautiful and gives the feeling of "fulfillment". So I wanted to create the same feel for my puja room by making a clay lotus agarbathi stand.


1. Air dry clay
2. Carving tools
3. Circular lid
4. Strong glue
5. Acrylic paints
6. Varnish


I have used crayola air dry  clay of terracotta colour ( not terracotta clay).
Take a small amount of clay and flatten it by using a cylindrical object. Using a circular lid cut it into a round shape. This is the base of the stand, so make sure its thick enough to hold the lotus flower.

Make a small round at the center. Using carving tools draw sector lines as shown in the picture 6. Then using V shaped carving tool cut off the edges . Join the two edges with the fingers ( pic 8).

Make small sized balls and glue them to the pointed edges. The base is ready. Now for the petals make six medium sized balls. Roll the balls into petal shape.

Flatten them and stick to the base as shown. Now for the center bud take a medium size ball and roll it into a petal shape and glue it to the base.

Make small holes in the bud using the back of agarbathi sticks. Allow it to dry completely and paint them using acrylics. Finally add a coat of varnish .

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