Friday, October 3, 2014


Hello friends, Today am posting the handmade chettiar dolls made by me for navarathri kolu. I made these dolls using air dry terracotta clay. 

I love navarathri kolu , but here in US we dont get much dolls and the dolls we get are too expensive. So decided to try my hands on sculpting a doll which is totally new for me. 

 I love chettiar dolls and I thought they would be easy to make compared to other dolls. But when I started, I realized that they are not that easy as I had thought.  I was very nervous as this is my first sculpting work. But finally was very happy with the way the dolls turned out.

I have used acrylics for colouring and varnish for the glossy effect.

 Hope you all will like it too...

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  1. Beautiful dolls Ramya.... in first attempt you sculptured the dolls so well them :)


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