Thursday, July 24, 2014


Hi all , Welcome back!! After seeing many beaded earrings on pinterest I too wanted to make one. Since i dont have much beads with me I thought of using something alternative that will give the same look as coloured beads. While i was cooking,  the idea of using Urad dal instead of beads striked me . So made these earrings using cardboard as the base , urad dal beads and acrylic paints. 

Initially I started off by taking a think Cardboard sheet and cut it to the desired shape of the earring. Then I applied glue all over the cardboard and placed the ural dal layer by layer ( outer layer first then inner layer). Finally I painted using acrylics and applied a coat of varnish.

The colours of the above earring are inspired from earrings everyday inspiration picture.

This is the inspiration Picture and i was inspired by the colours of this picture.

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