Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Hello Friends , this week I decided to do some projects which are pending in my wish list for a long time. Usually I will work on a theme of the given challenge and will be in a hurry to submit them. I always do flowers and embellishments at the finishing stage so in a hurry I end up making the most easiest flower I could. After seeing Hussena and Nupur's blog I felt that the placement of beautiful flowers play a major role in making the project look good. So googled upon and found some interesting handmade flower tutorials which I would be sharing with you this week.


  1. Cardstock ( different colours)
  2. Flower template ( can be hand drawn)
  3. Scissors
  4. Embossing tool or fountain pen 
  5. Glue
  6. Beads or pearls

This is the template I used for making these flowers. I downloaded the image from net. 

We need three different sized flowers and I used the sizes marked with the box.

 We need 2 big sized flowers , 2 medium sized flowers and 1 small flower.

Place all the flowers on a foam sheet and by using the embossing tool or back of the fountain pen press at the end of each petal and pull towards the centre. I used the fountain pen. ( You can also use back side of ball point pen or brush). 

The petals will become curved towards the centre. This process is little tiring but with embossing tool I think you can make this process easy. Do this for all the petals and flowers.

Arrange the flowers starting from the large flowers to the small flower in the center.

The completed flower looks like this( pic below). Glue a pearl to the centre of the flower.

I made these flowers with different colours and arranged them in a black Cardboard sheet so that I can use it later for my projects. 


Thank you for your comments