Friday, March 21, 2014


Hello friends, Hope you all are doing great!! Today am posting a pair of earrings made for earrings everyday challenge. 

These are the string art earrings from Peru. This style string earrings originated in the 1960s in Peru and today these styles are famous with celebrities. Though these earrings seems to be complicated , with practice one can make creative and many types of earrings.  

For making these earrings we need a thick gauge wire for the outer loop and a thin floral wire to make the coil. Generally coiling Gizmos are used to make coils. We can also make homemade coiling gizmo. I made my own coiling gizmo using a thick camp ( Kambi). 
For the tutorial of making your own coiling gizmo check out this video   

Single strand of embroidery thread is used for winding . To learn about the earring making check out videos by artist ikologee - Peruvian thread earring tutorial

Everyday earrings inspiration picture

After seeing the picture I wanted to create an earring involving thread work. I always love the peacock feather colours. As these colours are present on the pic ( behind the mouse) I used dark blue, yellow and peacock green woolen threads. Initially I could'nt get the coils properly. The look of the earring depends on the how closely the coil is wounded. I found the winding of coils to be the difficult part. After few trials got this result. Have to practice more to create more perfect and beautiful earrings. 

Your Suggestions and feedback are welcome!! Have a crafty weekend!! 

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  1. Beautiful earrings. Nice thread work too...whatever the difficulties were you over came them!

  2. I think these already are perfect! Beautiful...xx

  3. The thread work seems so difficult! Kudos for the great first attempt and making a true connection to the inspiration.


  4. What a neat take on the inspiration! And a beautiful pair of earrings!

  5. lovely pair Ramya ..Threadwork is beautiful and these peacock colors are my fav too :))

  6. Great design! I love the threadwor. It looks like fun.

  7. So pretty and yes, they do look difficult to create because they are so detailed! Love the thread work - just lovely!

  8. I've never seen thread earrings like these before. I'm very impressed. They are beautiful!

  9. I think your coiling looks great. Thanks for sharing the tutorial you used. Love that you used the illustration's bold colors and adventurous design!

    1. Thank you Kala... After a lot of attempts got this tight coil!!

  10. What intriguing earrings! Brilliant use of fibers and gorgeous colors. Thank you for posting the links to the tutorials.


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