Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hi friends,Today am going to show DIY distress ink applicator using recycled materials. I bought distress ink pad last month but dint have the applicator. So i decided to make one using old glue sticks and a piece of cardboard. This is a very simple craft and hardly takes 10 mins to finish. ( But it will take a day to dry).


Old glue stick, sponge pieces, cardboard, scissors and double sided tape. Instead of double sided tape velcro can also be used. 


Cut the cardboard to a size slightly bigger than the sponge. Join the glue stick and cardboard by adding lots of gum. The durability of this applicator depends on the strength of the gum. Allow it to dry for a day.

Once its dried , paste the double sided tape on top of the cardboard. Since i used a transparent double sided tape its not clearly visible in the photo.

Now attach the sponge and start using. When you want to add another sponge just peel off the previous one and attach the new one. When the stickiness goes off paste another double sided tape .

When i finished doing this i thought the sponge will come off soon . But i worked with this for a whole project and it resists wear and tear.  Below are two simple tags i made using distress ink techniques.

The above tag designs are inspired from net. Hope you all liked this simple distress ink applicator. In the net you can find lots of DIY distress ink applicator ideas like using wooden blocks, earring boxes  etc.

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