Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Welcome back to my world of crafting !! Today i am going to show you how to make a different pen stand as well as craft piece. Lets get started with this interesting craft.


  1. Rectangular cardboard box
  2. air dry clay ( like shilpkar )
  3. acrylic paint
  4. glue 
  5. varnish 

Step 1 : Cut the top portion of the cardboard to get the shape of the thulasi maadam. ( as shown in below figure)

Step 2 : Cut a small regtangular piece of cardboard and attach it to the bottom of the box.
Step 3 : Cover the  entire cardboard surface with clay.  Roll cylindrical pieces of clay and attach it to the top and bottom portion like a beading to the thulasi maadam. 

Step 4 : Allow it to dry completely and then paint using wood brown or maroon acrylic colour. After the paint dries apply a coat of varnish to get the wooden finish. 

This thulasi maadam stand can be used as a pencil holder , show piece as well as flower vase. So a simple , ethnic and different pen holder is ready to decorate your desk.

Have a nice day!!!

Happy crafting!!!


  1. Thanks for this lovely cute design. We are planning to use the color and design for our real Thulsi maadam at our home in Kancheepuram.Once done we will send you the pics. Very inspriing :)

  2. Wow !! That's nice to hear. Do mail me the pics once it is finished. Keep visiting my blog and thank you for your comments ...

  3. Love the idea. .very innovative and beautiful

    1. Thank you Lavina... Keep visiting my blog....


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