Monday, November 11, 2013


Last month i saw the aarathi plate or puja thali in shops for some north indian festival. It was beautiful and neatly decorated. As i dont get thamboolam items ( betel leaf, coconut etc ) i decided to combine both the ideas and made this thamboolam plate for navarathri kolu.


  1. Plastic plate  ( circular shape)
  2. clay
  3. paint

Step 1 :

The plate can be the top lid of any box. I used the top lid of yoghurt box. 

Cover the top surface with clay.

Step 2 : For making kumkum and turmeric cones. 

Step 3: For making betel leaf

Step 4: For banana

Step 5 : For coconut make small oval shaped pieces in clay . Then using the backside of a pencil or brush make hole in one corner of oval. 

 Step 6: Arrange all these items in the plastic plate and glue them. Once it gets dried paint using acrylics or oil paint.

I decorated the plate by attaching small pieces of sattin ribbon . You can decorate it using kundan stones , rhinestones , golden ribbon etc. I will post a separate tutorial on making clay diyas. 

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