Monday, November 4, 2013


Welcome to my world of crafting!! I always wanted to organize my earrings so they are easy to display and pick. When i googled i came across a video of DIY earring holder made with cloth and cardboard. I modified that idea a little bit and made this foam sheet earring holder. 

  1. Foam sheet ( A4 size)
  2. cardboard sheet ( A4 size)
  3. white paper
  4. glue 

Step 1 : Cut the cardboard to A4 size. 

foam sheet , cardboard and A4 paper 

Step 2 : Paste the foam sheet onto the cardboard. A thicker sheet will be easier to punch holes.

Step 3 : Paste the A4 sheet on top the foam sheet  and start hanging the earrings

You can also hang this earring  holder on the wall or on your wardrobe . So now its easy to select , store , organize and display earrings .

Have a nice day!! Happy crafting!!!!!

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