Sunday, November 17, 2013

DIY diyas for karthigai deepam

Hi all, its been a practice in Tamilnadu to buy new baked clay diyas every year on the occasion of karthigai deepam. So why not make new clay diyas on your own and decorate it ? 

  1. Air dry clay
  2. paint

Step 1 : Roll the clay into a round shape like a ball . The size of round ball depends on the size of the diya you want. 

Step 2 :

Step 3: Using a rounded object press deep in the center  so as to make it hollow in the centre . I used a gum bottle to do it. 

Step 4 : Press and open up the edges like this. 

Step 5 :  Shape it in the form of a diya.

Step 6 : Allow it to dry in sun till the diyas become hard and then paint them.

Happy karthigai to all of you !!

Happy crafting!!

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