Monday, November 4, 2013


Welcome to my world of crafting !! I love to make earrings with different types of materials that can be found in and around the house . What about the idea of recycling the waste cardboard boxes by turning them into beautiful earrings ? Cardboard earrings are not only very easy to make but because of its light weight its comfortable to wear. So lets get started !!


  1. cardboard pieces ( can be cut from any waste box like soap box )
  2. scissors
  3. scale
  4. pencil or pen for drawing
  5. eye pin and earring hook
  6. glue
  7. paints 
  8. varnish for glossy finish

Step 1 : Draw the desired shape in the cardboard and cut into 4 identical pieces. 

Step 2 : Glue ( use tacky glue )  2 pieces together with an eye pin sandwiched between the two cardboard pieces. 

Step 3 :  Allow it to dry for sometime and then paint using colours that match your dress . Then add the earring hook to the eye pin. 

Step 4 : Finally give a coating of varnish to get the shining effect. 
Simple and cute cardboard earrings are ready to be worn!!

Have a nice day!! Happy crafting!!!!!


  1. HI madam.. I really loved your blog.. this would be my first try.. can u plz tell where can we get eye pin holder and ear ring hooks? and also i saw another post of urs... ca u plz tell where can we get terrakote clay and do we need to bake it or something?

  2. Thank you so much Vaishnavi... You will get the eye pins and earring hooks in almost all craft stores... You can buy it online from itsy-bitsy website.... You can get terracota clay from craftsvilla's vikalpa store....Since I used air-dry clay there is no need to bake it. It will dry within 24 hours. Here is a link to the list of craft stores in India... visiting my blog...If you have any other questions email me to the id found on left hand corner of this blog... all the best..


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