Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Welcome back friends !! I wanted to make a different greeting card for my husband's birthday. I have already done quilled greeting cards so wanted to try something new so that  it will be a complete surprise.When i searched for ideas i came across this 3D quilled flower bouquet. The card came out very well and i felt very happy after doing it. 

  1. A4 sheet ( coloured  paper can be used )
  2. Quilling tool
  3. Quilling paper
  4. paints 
  5. glue 

Step 1 : Cut 1/2 inch strips of paper. 

Step 2 : Colour each strip with different colour. 

Step 3 : Cut small slits in all the strips of paper except green colour.

Step 4 : Take the quilling paper of contrast colour and quill a tight coil to make the center  of the flower.

Step 5 : Attach the end of the strip to the quilled coil and start rolling the strip around the coil.

Step 6 : Open up the petals to get a flower.

Step 7 : Repeat the same steps for all coloured strips. Now for the leaves take the green strip and quill it as a loose coil. 

Step 8 : Arrange the flowers and leaves as a bouquet and decorate it of your choice. I folded regtangular piece of paper as a vase and added sattin ribbon to it.  

You can give this as a greeting card or frame and hang in the wall . You can learn the basics of quilling  from this video 

Have a nice day !!!

Happy crafting !!!

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