Thursday, February 15, 2018


Hello friends, welcome to m blog!! Today am sharing with you all four different types of earrings made using pom- poms.

When I was searching for pom-pom activities for my toddler I came across the idea of using them to make earrings , from pinterest. Since the weather is slowly getting warmer wearing these whimsical earrings are so much fun. So saved a few small pom-pom's from my daughter's stash and made these earrings.

These are very simple and easy to make. The main thing is to insert the headpin/eyepin through the pom - pom correctly. I found an easy way to do it from the site Honestlywtf. 

For this earring I have used blue beads and small blue pom - pom s

 I made a pair of hoop earrings using black pom- pom, black crystals and beads,

For this earring I used white seed beads danglers.

I used medium size pom-pom s and white pearls in this earring.

This is the assorted size pom pom pack I bought from walmart.

Hope you all like these designs. See you soon!!

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