Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hello Friends, Welcome back!! Today's post is about jute jewellery making. Jute jewellery is becoming very famous now not only because of its light weight and unique aesthetics but also because its environmentally friendly.  It is fashionable and goes well with casual attire.This is my first attempt in working with jute.i thoroughly enjoyed the process as making and decorating these earrings are easy and less time consuming compared to other types of handmade jewellery.  I have a short pictorial for making the earrings. At the end of this post I have mentioned some links from where you can buy jute sheets online in India as well in US.


1. Jute sheets of different color
2. Scissors
3. cardstock
4. Fabric glue
5.Glue gun
6. jewellery making rope or thread( waxed cotton thread)
6. Beads and stone chain for decoration
7. ruler , compass and pencil


I referred the tutorial by Radhika of hobbycrafts blog for making this. I modified the process a little to make the jhumkas more sturdy.


  • Cut two circular pieces from card stock . The radius of the circle is the height of the jhumka . 
  •  Draw lines crossing the center of the circle. 
  • Cut the pieces into sectors as shown in pic3. 
  •  The bigger sector makes a larger cone and smaller sector makes a narrow cone. Here I have chosen a broader cone as it will be easy to embellish. 
  • Finalize the shape and size of the jhumkas before proceeding to cut on the jute sheet as jute sheets are expensive. 
  • Paste the cut card stock onto the back of the jute sheet to make it more sturdy.
  • Mark the point where the fold will come and embellish the rest of the jute fabric. 
  • Join both the ends of the sector to make the shape of a cone (jhumka) using a glue gun.
  • Slightly trim the top of the cone to make a hole to insert eyepin. 


  • To make one earring we need two pieces of jute fabric cut in the desired shape . 
  • Paste the jute sheet onto a thick paper. Here I have used a watercolor paper.
  • Cut the pasted portion of the paper and paste the other jute sheet on its back. So it will be two jute sheets sandwiched in between by a thick paper. 
  • Since the edges of the jute sheets are fuzzy we have to glue the jewellery thread to get a neat finish.
  • Decorate the earring with sequins or bling or wooden beads.
  • Punch a small hole at the top and attach jump ring.
I made two more earring by following the above procedure.

Hope you all liked this post. See you soon with another interesting post. 

Links to buy jute sheets:
In India: http://itsybitsy.in/search/?q=jute+sheets
US: http://burlapfabric.com/colored-burlap/colored-burlap-sheets?zenid=k4207t0ihec05ri1u6mf6bjjo0
Radhika's blog for jute earrings tutorial: http://radhika-hobbycrafts.blogspot.com/2015/09/jute-jhumkas.html