Monday, April 10, 2017


Hello friends, welcome to my blog!! Today am sharing with you all my fountain pen sketches inspired from pinterest and other sites.

This sketch is inspired from aval vikatan magazine done by artist by Shyam.

This is a randomly inspired image from google.

This illustration of Big Ben London is from deposit photos.

The below image is inspired from  artist Sara Herranz .

This mage is inspired from

Inspired from the artist Cassandra. Found this in tumblr.
All sketches are done using fountain pen and pitt marker pen. See you soon with another interesting post. Have a nice week ahead.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Hello friends, Hope you all are doing good.. Today am sharing a crochet headband made for my baby. This is my first attempt in learning to crochet.

I followed the tutorial of  Lisa Needlecrafts and made this project using single crochet stitch. Its very easy and suitable for a beginner like me.

For making the flower I followed the tutorial of Simplydaisy and used 5 double crochet stitch for big petals and 5 single crochet stitch for small one.

I loved making this headband and thoroughly enjoyed the process of crochet. For learning the basics of crochet follow this tutorial -Crochet Guru
See you soon with another interesting post.