Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Hello and welcome to my blog!! Today am sharing some simple urban sketches made using fountain pen. 

Whenever I visited some of the landmark places in US  I used to see people doing quick sketches of them in their sketchbook. I too wanted to carry a small moleskine journal with me and  make sketching travelogue in future. So to start with  tried some of the urban pen sketches from the net before proceeding to sketch outdoors. 

The pen that they use for urban sketching is pigma micron pen. Since that pen was unavailable in the nearby shops I used my fountain pen to sketch these images.I love writing with fountain pen that even today I write my daily journal and dairy using them rather than ball point. The fountain pen that I used here was a gift from my husband. 

Initially I thought that urban sketches follow the same rules as normal drawings of buildings so  made all the lines with a ruler and was shading than hatching. But soon I understood that the beauty of pen sketches lies in their  loose casual strokes as they are drawn quickly mostly under 20 min. So I followed the tutorial of Alphonso Dunn on urban sketching. 

Hope you all liked my pen drawings. See you soon with another interesting post.

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