Monday, February 1, 2016


Hello friends, Welcome to my blog!! Am posting after a short break as I was busy learning still life sketching and painting. Will post the pictures soon. Today am sharing with you all "Fairy tale land" project made by recycling bottle.  As the title says this project has a big tale behind it.  Let me try to make it short ( LOL).

For this year Christmas holidays we preferred "Staycation " as it was raining outside due to  the Elnino effect". So to spend our time we went to library and book shop. One day I came across a book called "Amazing facts about Walt Disney and Disney World". As my husband had promised a trip to Disneyland for the second time in the near future I was curious to know more about it.As I read the read I was amazed by the creativity and perfection which goes behind in making each of the  rides and attractions. The quote of Walt Disney " When you're curious you ind lots of interesting things to do" gave me the inspiration to create something different. 

The second book which I read that day was about " Polymer clay works" by famous artists. The book had some amazing jewelry designs, 3D sculpting etc. The one project that caught my attention was polymer clay sculpting on a glass bottle - Altered art on a bottle using polymer clay. Both these books influenced my thoughts and inspired me to create this "Fairy tale land".

Once the theme is set I decided to make a castle by altering a glass bottle. I used tissue paper rolls to finish my castle. I took the reference of the castle from Disneyworld's Cinderella castle. 

I used empty castor oil bottle and air dry clay for the center of the castle. The design, flowers and the bricks was inspired by this video. I pasted the clay upon the bottle using tacky glue. Once the clay got dried I applied thick coats of gesso and then painted using acrylics.  For the top of the castle I rolled out a cardstock into the shape of a cone. 

For the base I have used styrofoam sheet and covered the sides of the  base with a layer of green playdoh. For the center of the garden I applied brown acrylics. Then I began to stick the foliage. The leaves are hand cut and the small trees are store bought. The mushrooms , flowers and bench are made using playdoh.  I used sea shells to make a path for the castle. The welcome board is made using packaging cardboard, pattern paper and toothpicks. 

I fee that everybody's life is a fairy tale where there are a lot of magical moments to cherish. The one thing that we should follow from Walt disney's life is - lets make a beautiful and happy world around us so that others who enter our world can also experience that happiness and joy like we do when we visit Disney World. I wish that 2016 will bring a lot of magical moments in your life that you've got a tale to write at the end of this year!!!

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