Friday, November 13, 2015


Hello friends welcome back to my blog!! As you have seen I have been posting some of the crafts and decorations which I made for the festival of lights. Today am sharing with you all a unique rangoli created using clay. 

I decided to make decorations and crafts with whatever is available to me here. Festivals are never complete with out the colorful Rangoli.  Since I don't have access to rangoli powders nor  a large area I was thinking of some creative way to make this Rangoli. That's when the idea of making rangoli using clay struck me. I had some playdoh left over after using it for Navarathri. So used them to create this  Rangoli.  For the base of the rangoli I cut a round from a piece of cardboard. I drew the design roughly using a pencil and the started to fill the design using playdoh. The diyas are also made using playdoh.

I also made two peacock diya stand inspired by this video : I cut the base from a packaging cardboard and painted the design using acrylics. 

Hope you all enjoyed the festival... See you soon with another post on Diwali decoration ..  Happy crafting!!

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