Thursday, August 27, 2015


Hello friends, today's post is very special to me as its my first guest designing post for Lulupu Challenge. I made a tutorial on making a bicycle carrying flowers by recycling tissue paper rolls.Click here to read a short interview about me. 

For making this project materials needed are:

1. Empty tissue rolls (2)
2. Floral wire thin and thick
3.tissue paper
4. Hot glue gun
5. Paints
6. Crepe paper for making flowers
7. Materials for decoration like lace , pearls etc


Step 1: Cut two circular pieces from tissue paper rolls and wrap it with tissue paper.

Step 2: Twist two floral wires and cut them into small pieces such that it fits inside the circular piece. Wrap it with the tissue paper and glue it to the tyre.

In a similar way make three tyres.

Step 4 : Take a thick wire and join the two small tyres. Using the same wire make the handle and the front of the cycle ( as shown in the pic above)

Step 5: Glue the front portion of the bicycle to the front wheel. Join the front and back of the cycle using a thick wire.

Basket and flowers:

I made the basket by weaving 4 strips of paper.

For making flower I used crepe paper.

The flowers are hand cut as my punches doesn't support crepe papers.

Painting and other tips:

1.Since the bicycle is made of tissue paper use dry brush technique for paining it. I used fevicryl acrylic colors.
2.The bicycle cannot withstand weight so do not try to add more embellishments to it. If you want a more sturdy bicycle you can use empty tape rolls. But I felt tissue paper roll is easy to cut and hence I tried making with it.

3.For stability you can tie floral wire at the joints as shown in the above picture.

So a mini bicycle is ready to decorate your craft table!! Hope you all like my craft!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog!! Today am sharing with you all my DT post for CSCC august challenge #3. I created a simple card using watercolors. 

For this week's challenge we have the theme " watercolor flowers" inspired by the picture below.  Click here for more details.  I got inspired by the yellow and brown flowers( right column second one). 

Initially I took a white cardstock and cut it into the shape of a banner. Then I drew the flowers using 2H pencil and colored them using watercolors. Then I stamped the sentiment using black DI. Finally matted the whole thing upon a brown cardstock and added a border using metallic gold quilling strip .

Hope you all liked my card... Do join us CSCC and have fun...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Hello folks, Welcome to my blog!! Today I have an interesting and a sweet project to share with you all. When I saw the theme of CSCC August challenge # 2 being handmade flowers I wanted to try something new and different. As I googled upon I came across this edible flower bouquet. These bouquets are trending now and a blooming business in gift industry as you can not only relish the chocolates but also keep the bouquet as a remembrance.  So if you are looking out for a home business option then this post is for you as I have a short tutorial for making a simple bouquet at the end of this post. I dedicate this post to our very talented crafter/blogger who taught us innumerable crafts with her precise tutorials and also to make friends in this blogger land. Thank you Dr. Sonia for inspiring us. This post is my humble dedication to you. 

I made all the flowers using crepe papers which I had previously got from India. Actually there are 
different varieties of crepe papers ranging from thin streamer rolls to extra heavy paper.  I have used a medium quality paper for this project. Here I have tried with two type of chocolates - ferrero rocher for the sunflower and candy pop stick for the rose buds. You can use almost all type of chocolates but I prefer using candies as they are easy to wrap around the floral wire. 

For the vase I have used a paper cup filled with sand. I attached a handle using floral wire and covered the entire vase using green crepe paper. The white flowers and the leaves are hand cut using card stock. 


Cut a long strip of crepe paper. Fold it into half. Then make another fold.  Cut it in the shape of a petal.

Take a petal and carefully stretch it by pulling both ends. This is little tricky as if you pull too hard
 the paper may tear. Then using a scissor bend the petal and twist its edges.

 Make similar petals as explained in the above process. Using green color crepe paper make leaves in a similar manner. Take a brown cardstock and cut it into a circular shape. The size of this cardstock must be such that it should accomodate the chocolate at the center.
Take a floral wire and make a loop in one of its end and glue it to the card stock using the hot glue gun.

Now glue the petals onto the card stock as shown in pic 11.  Finally glue the leaves. At the center paste the ferrero rocher chocolate. 

For the bud I have used a candy pop stick. 

I find this to be a great business idea as the making cost is cheap but you can sell it for a good profit. Cost of crepe paper ( high quality) : $ 4.00 ( 8.2 ft) you can make 50 to 60 flowers depending on the size of the chocolate.
If you can get candies from a wholesale dealer then the making cost is very cheap. You can sell it for a minimum of $ 25 depending on the number of flowers and chocolates. 
Here are some of the useful links:
wholesale candy store:

Hope this post will inspire you to try out something new. Don't forget to link back to our challenge hosted by the talented crafter Dr.Sonia... 

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Hello Friends, Well its the starting of the new month so at CSCC we have a brand new challenge . This month is very special for most of our catchy girls so we decided to celebrate it by having a new challenge every week - which means we will get the opportunity to craft more. Crafting more is always fun. So let's welcome this month with a color splash tag. 

For the first week's challenge the theme is " Create any project based on the inspiration picture below" .You can see the full details here. When I saw the picture the splash of colours caught my attention. 
This is actually a recycled project. Will reveal what I have recycled at the end of this post. I started by applying thick coat of gesso to the canvas paper. Then used distress inks and acrylic sprays. Added random textures using chevron and star shaped stencils.  The sentiment is a print out.
I made a black frame using packaging boxes and pasted some handmade flowers and buttons upon it. Then with the hot glue gun I made the paint flowing effect. At the center of the frame I stuck a small piece of burlap and added a heart dangler. Finally tied a blue ribbon and finished off the tag. 
Here is what I have recycled:

The packaging cardboard of the cup cake liners looked like a beautiful tag. 

Do join us at CSCC this month. Have a nice weekend!!