Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Hello friends, Welcome back!! Today am going to share with you all the tutorial of making terracota necklace and earring. I wanted to do this terracota jewellery for a long time but din't find the clear procedure for baking the clay. Last week when I had been to Michaels I spotted on this air - dry terracota clay. So here is my first attempt in making a terracota jewellery.  ( picture heavy post)

Terracota jewellery making is same as any other clay jewellery making. For this project I have used polyfrom model air clay - terracota. 

  1. Terracota clay
  2. Talcum powder for kneading the clay
  3. Circular base like plastic bottle cap
  4. Knife
  5. Carving tools ( I used old refill , toothpick and floral wire)
  6. Floral wire
  7. jewellery making rope
  8. eye pins and fish hooks 
  9. Pearl paints or metallic acrylic paints
  10. Plier and cutter

Knead the clay and make identical balls. Allow it to dry for 5 min and make a hole by inserting the ball into a toothpick. Make as many beads as needed for making necklace. I made 30 beads. 


Make 2 medium sized balls out of clay. Using a knife cut little away from centre to get one portion bigger than the other. Take the bigger portion of the two and smoothen its edges to get the shape of a jhumka. 


Flatten the clay by rolling it with a rolling pin ( I used ball point pen for rolling). Take the lid or cap of some bottle that has a circular base ( I used the milk tin cap) and press it on the clay. You will get a rounded shape. 
Now use the same circular base and press once again to get the half moon shape and a tear drop shape.Carve designs on the pendant using carving tools . Here I have carved a simple design using a floral wire.
Make small beads out of clay. Cut floral wire into small pieces. Insert the piece of floral wire onto the beads and attach them to the side of the pendant. Attach eye pins. 

 Terracota clay takes maximum 24 hours to get dried fully and become hard. Once it is completely dried there will be no moisture and the colour will become slightly pale ( see pic above for dried beads).

Colour the beads , pendants and jhumkas using pearl acrylic paints of your choice. Since I did'nt have pearl colours I have used acrylics and applied a coat of gloss varnish. I use this arrangement for colouring the beads. Tape two floral wires on top of a box and slide the beads through the wire and colour them. 

Use liner brush for making fine details in the pendant. I chose black and golden colour as it goes well with all colours of dress. 

I have added small beads to the jhumkas also. 

Take a jewellery rope and insert the pendant at the centre of the rope. On both sides of the pendant add the beads. 

Do try it out. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome. Happy crafting!!!

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Colour conceptions challenge - " Anything but cards"
Itsy - Bitsy challenge - " monochromatic challenge" - Use any one colour other than black or white - I have used golden with black and created a jewellery set. 
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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Hello friends, Today am sharing with you a black and gold cas card made for beyond grey challenge.

The feathers are cut from a white cardstock and painted using gold metallic colour.

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Beyond grey challenges

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Hello Friends , Today am posting an earring made by recycling plastic bottle caps. The colours are inspired from everyday earrings april reveal picture.

Take two identical bottle caps and make hole at the top using needle ( or safety pin). Insert an eye pin through the hole. 

Then colour the bottle caps using acrylics. The fine designs are made using liner brush. 

Earrings everyday april inspiration picture:

I have used the colours brown , lemon yellow , green and white from the picture.

Hope you all like my creation!! Happy Crafting!!

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Everyday Earrings

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hello Friends, Today am posting the tutorial of making a lattice window card. This tutorial and design was inspired by Valita's fresh folds blog . Click her blog to see lots of video tutorials. 


Initially take a cardstock ( of any size and colour) and fold it into half. Draw a rectangular design on one side of the folded card and cut it out using a craft knife. 

Take a long strip of cardstock and roll it into a cylindrical shape.  Open the card and paste this folded strip to the innerside of the card. 

Measure the length from the cylindrical strip to the bottom of the card and Cut small strips of cardstock.  Paste it vertically as shown in the above picture. 

Similarly measure the horizontal length and cut strips from cardstock. Now weave the horizontal strips over and under the vertical strips.

This is how the inner side of the card looks.

At the outer side we have the look of a window.

I decorated this card using simple quilled flowers and added a sentiment to it. I wanted the lattice window to be seen clearly so did'nt embellish much and kept it simple.

Friday, April 18, 2014


Hello friends , Today am posting a clean and simple card made for casology challenge. This week's theme is "note" . So created a card with musical notes. 

I started off by drawing lines in white cardstock using black marker. Then used black foam sheets for the musical notation symbols. The sentiment is handwritten using black ballpoint pen and pencil. Thus my simple card is ready.

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casology challenge

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hello Friends, Today am going to share with you all the tutorial of making paper rose. I will also share with you some pics of the bouquet which I made using these roses. So lets get started!! ( Picture heavy post)

  1. Colour paper ( I printed these colour papers from net)
  2. Pencil
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue gun
  5. Toothpick or Quilling tool

Initially cut a six petal flower from the colour paper. Using this as the template cut three more flowers. Totally we need 4 flowers for making rose.
At the back side of the flower draw lines joining the petals. Here I used one sided colour paper so the back side is white in colour.

First we need to cut off one petal from 2 flowers ( we need 2 five petal flower). Draw a curve as shown on the picture and cut the petal leaving the curved area. This curved space is for sticking the petals together.

Repeat the same process and cut off two petals .( We need 1 four petal flower)

Similarly cut off three petals from the fourth flower ( We need 1 three petal flower)

Cut three single petals from the colour paper. Using a toothpick curl on both the edges of the petal. Do not curl the entire petal.

Repeat the same process for all the flowers. After curling the petals it looks like this (see pic 2). As you can see in this pic we have 3 single petals, 1 three petal flower , 1 four petal flower and 2 five petal flowers.

Take a single petal , apply glue at the tip and  roll it using a toothpick. 

Take the other 2 single petals and attach on two sides of the rolled bud. 
Now take the three petal flower apply glue at the flap ( Curved portion) and stick the petals.

Similarly apply glue at the flap of all the flowers and stick the petals together. 
Glue the bud to the three petal flower off centered. 

Similarly glue four petal flower and finally the five petal flowers. Thus the paper rose is ready.

I made another rose using pink colour paper.

I totally enjoyed making these bright smiling and full bloom roses so made a bouquet of paper roses.  I used orange , white and red colour papers respectively.

Now coming to the vase , its actually made by recycling a ghee bottle.

This is the original plastic bottle and I recycled this into a vase by covering it with colourful washi tapes.

I also stamped a sentiment Thank you on the vase.

These paper roses are super easy to make but a little patience is required. Does'nt these roses look like real ones?? 

Now this flower bouquet decorates my coffee table. This flower bouquet is perfect for gifting as they look beautiful and also the making cost is very very less. These roses are great for scrapbooking. Below are the links to some of my projects in which I have used these roses.
This tutorial was inspired from Elli blog.

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Colour conceptions challenge - " Anything but cards"
Kraftzone challenge - " Anything goes with Washi tape and stamp" - I have used washi tape for covering the vase and stamped a sentiment thank you.
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Creative Fingers Challenge - " Anything goes"