Friday, February 28, 2014


Hello friends , Welcome back!! Today am posting the tutorial of making clay earrings. Clay earrings are  favourite  and popular particularly among the teens of India. I always wondered how these earrings could be made in many wonderful designs until i saw a tutorial recently on clay jewellery making in the last month's issue of Aval vikatan. So got excited and tried my first ever clay jewellery. 

I used air- dry clay for my project. Here's the picture colage on the making of the earring.

First knead the clay and form two similar  round shapes.Then flatten them using a rolling pen ( i used a pen for this). Take the lid or cap of some bottle that has a circular base ( i used the glue bottle cap) and press it on the clay. You will get a rounded shape. Now use the same circular base and press once again to get the half moon shape and a tear drop shape. Attach eye pins and pearls .

After its dried draw the design of your choice. For making the design generally carving tools are used but here i used microtip pencils and black ball point pen. The colours of these earrings are inspired from the picture given in everyday earrings challenge. 

Picture inspiration for everyday earrings
I used sky blue, dark blue, green, orange, white and silver(hooks) from the picture.

Have a crafty weekend!!

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Everyday earrings 

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Hello friends, today am posting a simple card made using the technique called comb painting. I saw the comb painting video in you tube and wanted to try it out. When i saw the theme of lulupu challenge to try something new I decided to attempt this technique. 

  1. Thick sheet of paper
  2. Fevicol or similar thick gum
  3. Comb
  4. Paints


After painting I cut out the design and pasted it on a black cardstock. 

This is a very and simple technique to do. Hope you too will enjoy making this comb painting.
Happy Crafting!!!

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lulupu challenge - " try something new"

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hello friends, Today am going to share with you the tutorial of making paper beads chain and necklace. I wanted to make this tutorial for a  long time , but today only got the opportunity to do so. Paper beads are very simple to make but looks elegant to wear.



  1. A4  sheet paper 
  2. markers
  3. toothpick
  4. glue

 Initially take the A4 sheet and mark every half inch on both sides. Draw a line joining one corner and opposite half inch mark. Similarly draw lines for every other points. 

The lines look like this.

Cut the strips.

Using markers outline the strips with the colour of your choice. I used red and black colours.

Take a tooth pick and start rolling from the broader end of the strip. Apply glue at the end of the strip.

 This is how the beads looks like after rolling.

Make as many beads you want. For this chain i used 30 beads. And for making these 30 beads one A4 sheet is enough.

Slide two or three beads through the tooth pick and apply varnish. I applied three coats of varnish to get the shine.

  1. Paper bead
  2. Small golden balls
  3. Plier and cutter
  4. jewelry wire


Take the jewelry wire of required length and insert two paper beads. Then add a golden ball. Similarly insert all the paper beads to form a chain. In the end you can add hook or simply knot two ends together if it is a bigger chain .


Cut the floral wire of required length and make a loop using pliers. Insert beads and pearls and make another loop at the bottom. On one end add the earring hooks and on the other end add small white beads. 

This is such an easy project that you can do the paper beads even while watching tv or travelling. Enjoy making your own jewellery. Do Leave me your suggestions and feedback. 

Happy Crafting!!!

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Colour Conceptions Challenge - Picture inspiration - I was inspired by the colours in the picture so used red and black in my project.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hi friends,Today am going to show DIY distress ink applicator using recycled materials. I bought distress ink pad last month but dint have the applicator. So i decided to make one using old glue sticks and a piece of cardboard. This is a very simple craft and hardly takes 10 mins to finish. ( But it will take a day to dry).


Old glue stick, sponge pieces, cardboard, scissors and double sided tape. Instead of double sided tape velcro can also be used. 


Cut the cardboard to a size slightly bigger than the sponge. Join the glue stick and cardboard by adding lots of gum. The durability of this applicator depends on the strength of the gum. Allow it to dry for a day.

Once its dried , paste the double sided tape on top of the cardboard. Since i used a transparent double sided tape its not clearly visible in the photo.

Now attach the sponge and start using. When you want to add another sponge just peel off the previous one and attach the new one. When the stickiness goes off paste another double sided tape .

When i finished doing this i thought the sponge will come off soon . But i worked with this for a whole project and it resists wear and tear.  Below are two simple tags i made using distress ink techniques.

The above tag designs are inspired from net. Hope you all liked this simple distress ink applicator. In the net you can find lots of DIY distress ink applicator ideas like using wooden blocks, earring boxes  etc.

Friday, February 21, 2014


Hi Friends, today am posting another card made on the theme "love". But this card is different because i dint use the normal valentine colours of  red and pink in this card. 

 For this card i chose the colour scheme violet, blue, white and black. I coloured the digi stamp using watercolour pencils and markers. The blue-violet base is done using distress inks on a cardstock. All the embellishments, borders, butterfly and sentiment are handmade.

Hope you liked it. Have a nice weekend. Happy Crafting!!!

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