Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Below are two incidents that illustrates the importance of this quote " Appearences are deceptive " 

       In 1911 Vietnam was colonized by the French Army. Vietnamese resented the french, sometimes through riots. A teacher's family was suspected for orchestrating one of those riots against the French  . So all the members of the family were captured by the army to be killed . Since there was not enough space in the vehicle, they left behind a small child. Since that small child was lean and puny, the french thought he will die by himself in the coming days. They ridiculed his appearance and took his other family members with them. Never would the french have imagined that the little boy they left behind would be their tormentor in future. The boy grew up and defeated the French army in vietnam war. He rose as a hero by making Americans run away from Vietnamese soil. He was a key figure in the foundation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945. He also served as prime minister and president of Vietnam. His name is Ho Chi Minh. To honour him the capital of south Vietnam called Saigon is renamed as Ho Chi Minh city. 

Ho Chi Minh 
Another incident that happened recently also emphasizes the above quote. Nina Davuluri won the miss America 2013 title last month. Today she is America's most beautiful woman but before five years she used to be very fat that she disliked herself for her appearance. Right from her childhood she had the habit of overeating which led to the bulimia disease. In addition she suffered from asthma trouble. Even at this stage she dreamt of becoming Miss America one day. When there are positive thoughts in the mind the way to success will be clear. She met a fitness trainer called Tiya felcon who herself has suffered from obesity but due to strict diet and exercise became slim. So Tiya wanted to help people with similar problems and give them confidence. She guided Nina and helped her to reduce weight. Due to her hard work and consistent effort Nina Davuluri was crownedMiss America. The inspiring  message she said to everyone " everybody in this world  is beautiful but you have to believe that you are.''

From these two incidents we understand that " Never judge any person by their appearance." If we have confidence and belief success is ours." 

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